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Club Francés Buenos Aires

The French Club was founded on May 20th, 1866, by french residents in the legendary Café Malacoff, a few meters from the Government House.
Among the people who were part of the French Club, we can mention Courtois Ulric Architect, builder of the Basilica of Luján, Dr. Francis Simon, medic and intellectual who founded the Alliance Francaise in 1893, Dr. Joseph Linieres, President of the National Academy of Medicine, the Architect Charles Thays, Director of Parks and Walks in the City of Buenos Aires, creator of the Botanical Garden and Palermo Parks and many works in the country, the historian and journalist Paul Groussac, former Director of the National Library and many more.
In 1910, the year of the Centennial of the Independence, the French Club was visited by Anatole France, Literature Nobel Prize (1921), and Vicente Blasco Ibanez, who are entertained by the Argentine-French
literary world.
The French Club also receives a visit from M. Georges Clemenceau, Jean Charcot, General Clement, the Duke of Windsor -Edward VIII subsequently, Adrienne Bolland, first female aviator, Jean Mermoz first aviator to cross the Andes and in 1929 Antoine de Saint Exupery, aviator and writer and Andre Malraux among others..
Internationally renowned writers gave lectures: Jorge Luis Borges on several occasions, Octavio Paz, Mario Vargas Llosa, Silvina Bullrich, Luis Federico Leloir, Alicia Jurado, Luisa Mercedes Levinson, the Prof. Henri Laborit, Victoria Ocampo, Silvina Ocampo y Adolfo Bioy Casares, mentioning some of the most prominent.


Buenos Aires

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