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Palacio Helguera Boutique Antique

Discover a 17th century Palace, restored as an antique hotel, nestled in one of Cantabria’s most secluded locations. Eleven bespoke rooms filled with history, each with a different personality, in an exclusive atmosphere only for adults.

Tucked away in the foothills of the Pasiego Valleys, with a thirty thousand year old historical heritage, its picturesque villages and wildlife trails make this location unique.

Indulge yourself in our Trastámara Restaurant and unwind in our wellness space, surrounded by a design-driven, intimate and distinctive atmosphere created by designer Malales Martínez Canut, from the Malmaca and Maria Mas Interiors studio

Cantabrian Cuisine with a personal touch: 

Our chef and his team have created a culinary experience that reflects the best of Cantabria’s traditional cuisine with the freshest ingredients. Enjoy our homemade breakfast, sip our best cocktails at sunset and dine with the Palace’s own wine.

Trastámara marries cuisine and stylish design, featuring dinnerware from all over the world, a 17th century fireplace and stunning wall panels. Our tasting menu is a must.


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